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The Quilters’ Swap

I recently joined the Lib-Quilters group on Yahoo. This group is dedicated to the spontaneous and wonky style of piecing pioneered by the original liberated quilter, Gwen Marston. I’m just dipping my toe in the waters of wonky piecing, but I like the free spirit and crazy color combinations that prevail in this group. (By the way, if you haven’t checked out all the many online quilting groups at http://groups.yahoo.com, you are really missing out.)

I was poking around the group’s files and stumbled on an announcement that an international swap was about to start. Confession: in all my years of quilting, I have never once taken part in a swap of any kind. I’ve never swapped so much as a needle or a two-inch square of fabric. But if there’s one thing I have plenty of, it’s stuff to share with another quilter. So I signed up.

Here’s the swag I’m going to send to my swap recipient. Someone else is sending some swag to me. I can’t wait to see what goodies I get!

Lib-Quilters Swap


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