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Halloween Quilt Photos

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I love making quilts for Halloween. I especially love pumpkin quilts, which can have either a Halloween theme or a Harvest theme (or both.) Here’s a small gallery of favorite Halloween quilts I’ve made or photographed over the years. The first photo is a quilt of my own design, using some fat quarters of fabric I really liked. When I come to the end of a fabric I loved, like the gold I used for the moon or the blotchy red-orange fabric for the smaller Jack-o-Lantern, I always wish I had bought more.

The one below is a spectacular quilt called “Bellagio Pumpkins,” by Sarah Sherwin Roberts, photographed at the 2009 Pacific International Quilt Festival. I love the use of grey fabric and all the shades of brown, orange, and yellow that give the pumpkins their shapes.

I’ve made this little harvest quilt a number of times. The block is a single large Log Cabin block with pumpkins and flying leaves appliqued on the surface. It comes out differently every time, depending on what fabric you use for the Log Cabin and how you arrange the flying leaves.

This pumpkin quilt uses the same background as the Jack-o-Lantern quilt in the top photo. I simply added different applique pumpins and got quite a different effect. I’ve also used that three-part background as the under layer for summer quilts featuring vases of appliqued flowers.

Here’s my first attempt at a Day of the Dead quilt. I wanted to add a lot of over-the-top roses to give the quilt that wonderful death-in-life and life-in-death effect Mexican culture captures so well, but my daughter who is our chief Halloween decorator vetoed anything except a plain skull. (I’ll add the roses later, when she goes off to college.)

I love the denim background fabric and the funky hand stitching on this nine-patch pumpkin quilt by Jude Hill on Flickr.com.

Here’s a really unusual pumpkin quilt I just photographed today at the 2011 Pacific International Quilt Festival. The quilt is called “Autumn Harvest,” and it was made by Gayle Sheldon, who described this pumpkin as the kind that might make Cinderella’s coach.

Another quilt from PIQF 2011, “Side Yard Garden,” by Jenny Wagner has a broader harvest theme that includes lots of vegetables, but the pumpkin still occupies the place of pride right in the middle:

And here are two details from a witch quilt shown at PIQF. The quilt is “Witches R Us,” pieced and appliqued by Flora Story and quilted by June Hollister. Half the fun of making a quilt like this must be finding and combining the seasonal Halloween fabrics.

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