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Free Online Tool for Choosing Fabric Colors

One of the skills new quilters seem to feel most nervous about is working with colors. How can you tell which colors go well together? I always recommend noticing which colors attract you and make you feel good. If you like a certain color combination in a painting or on a friend’s sofa, you will probably like those colors in a quilt, too.

There’s an App for Choosing Colors

My friend Lisa recently introduced me to a terrific free online tool for turning a photo into a color palette you can use to chose quilt fabrics. It’s called the Canva Color Palette Generator, and using it couldn’t be easier. You simply upload a photo you like to the Generator page. The page automatically creates a color palette drawn from the colors in your photo.

This Valentine’s mini Log Cabin quilt caught my eye as I was scrolling through eBay listings for unfinished quilt tops. I like bright colors, and something cheerful about this top really spoke to me. I also admired the amount of work the original maker put into piecing the top, even though it wasn’t a miracle of precision piecing. I bought the top and finished it into a Valentine’s mug rug.

Then I thought this quilt might make a good test case for the Color Palette Generator. Here’s what I got when I uploaded a photo of the quilt to the generator page:

Left to my own devices, I would not have thought up this combination of colors. The light and dark grays especially came as a surprise. But now that I see the colors together, I am very happy with them. And all I have to do is print it out this page and take it right to the fabric store.

If you have a photo or a quilt whose colors you really love, even if you can’t quite say WHY you love them, try the Color Palette Generator. You may be surprised by the colors it finds for you.

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