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Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts: Double-Sided Cloth Napkins

Yesterday afternoon I sewed a Christmas gift for a good friend: this  set of 12 double-sided fabric napkins. I used one fabric for the front:
Cloth Fabric Napkins Large Front Side

and the six fabrics shown above for the reverse sides.

My friend and I chose the fabrics for this project together, but I am pretty sure she will still be surprised by these napkins,  because it’s been at least a couple of years since our fabric-shopping outing! It’s very satisfying to be able to cross this one off my list.

The batiks we chose are all quilting fabric, which is one reason I made the napkins two-sided. One layer of quilt fabric is a bit thin for the heavy use and regular washing napkins are subjected to. Using color-coordinated fabrics for the reverse side will give my friend a number of  color options to choose from when she sets her table.

How to Sew the Napkins

  1. Cut your fabric into 17-1/2″ squares. You will need twice as many squares as napkins. I cut 24 squares to make 12 napkins. If you want to make smaller or larger napkins, just adjust the size of the squares.
  2. Put a front side square and back side square with right sides together and outer edges aligned.
  3. Sew around the outside edges, using a 1/2″ seam. Leave a 3-4 inch opening on one side so you can turn the napkin right side out.
  4. Trim a tiny triangle off the seam allowance in each corner to reduce bulk in the corners.
  5. Turn the napkin right side out. Use a chopstick or stiletto to poke out the corners.
  6. Carefully press the napkin flat.
  7. Sew all around the outer edges of each napkin, using a 1/8″ seam so the opening will be closed securely. I like to use one of my decorative stitches for this.

And you’re done! It only takes a few hours to make a whole set of beautiful napkins.


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