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Baby Rag Quilt Finished

Baby Rag Quilt Finished post image

With the completion of this little rag quilt for a friend’s baby boy, I think I have finally perfected my basic rag quilt technique. Here are the key components of my approach:

  • Back the quilt with polyester fleece for warmth and lightness, instead of cotton or flannel. (I don’t include a middle layer of fabric at all.)
  • Use wider 3/4″ seam allowances on all seams inside the quilt, so the ragged edges of the seams look very full and fluffy. This also lets more of the backing fabric show on the front, which gives a contrast I like.
  • Add a wide border all around the quilt (the one on this quilt was 9″ wide), then cut and knot the border to make a knotted outer edge. A knotted border replaces a traditional quilt binding and looks more finished and cozy to my eye than a simple fringed border.

Next, I want to experiment with the pieced inner section of the quilt. Stay tuned!

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